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Natural Handmade Skincare loved by customers : Natural Face Toner

Natural Handmade Skincare loved by customers : Natural Face Toner

You might wonder why our customers loves our Natural Face Toner? Well, the answer is simple, because our Face Toner is Fresh and High Quality. Let me show you how we are making our skin care products.

We plant the herbs in our herbal farm up in Santa Cruz mountain 2000 feet above sea level, which allow us to be away from all the city pollution. With out natural underground springs nourishing the plants adding another layer of naturalness to our products.

When it comes to the harvesting, we hand picked and use sustainable harvesting method to ensure we keep the natural environment and its growth.

After the harvesting, we prepare our copper distillery pot with herbal plant materials and natural springs water, every one second we get one little drip of our product from the copper distillery pot to the oil separator. Maintaining the pot with constant high heat and ice cooling for 8 hours.

Below is a diagram to help you to understand our making process.


Here is one of our customer saying about our Redwood Face Toner, we hope you enjoy the same as Coach Robert does. Get yours today: Click Here.