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Natural Handmade Skincare loved by customers : Natural Face Toner

Natural Handmade Skincare loved by customers : Natural Face Toner

You might wonder why our customers loves our Natural Face Toner? Well, the answer is simple, because our Face Toner is Fresh and High Quality. Let me show you how we are making our skin care products.

We plant the herbs in our herbal farm up in Santa Cruz mountain 2000 feet above sea level, which allow us to be away from all the city pollution. With out natural underground springs nourishing the plants adding another layer of naturalness to our products.

When it comes to the harvesting, we hand picked and use sustainable harvesting method to ensure we keep the natural environment and its growth.

After the harvesting, we prepare our copper distillery pot with herbal plant materials and natural springs water, every one second we get one little drip of our product from the copper distillery pot to the oil separator. Maintaining the pot with constant high heat and ice cooling for 8 hours.

Below is a diagram to help you to understand our making process.


Here is one of our customer saying about our Redwood Face Toner, we hope you enjoy the same as Coach Robert does. Get yours today: Click Here.

Personal Natural Foaming Soap

Personal Natural Foaming Soap

Our NEW Personal Natural Foaming Honey Handmade Soap. Specially designed with intense moisturizing and skin protective properties.

Personal use or Great exotic gift!

During COVID, everyone of us should have our own personal soap in our bag so we don’t need to share.

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Traditional Handmade Christmas Holiday Wreath

Traditional Handmade Christmas Holiday Wreath

Natural handmade Christmas Holiday Wreath made from Holly Tree and Red berries. Dress up your front porch and yard with these holiday outdoor decorating ideas that last from the first days of fall through the New Year. They look great on a porch or just outside your door.

Using Santa Cruz mountain grown natural Holly tree with red berries and Redwood leaves, Douglas fir leaves and pine cones.

In response to the coronavirus COVID-19, we are speeding up our production of Natural Hand Soap

In response to the coronavirus COVID-19, we are speeding up our production of Natural Hand Soap

We understand how important is to sanitize our environment and especially our hand during this outbreak of coronavirus COVID19. However, while we are rushing into the stores and trying to grab the last bottle of “whatever” brand of hand soap on the shelf, please take a deep breath and thinking about it carefully.

There are many hand soap out there that can cause us long term harm, please don’t let it get to you just because you are in a panic mode from the COVID-19. Here is an article that stated, “Antibacterial soap ingredient may cause cancer”.

Yes, it is very important to be clean and not to get infected, but what if a few years later, you realize the soap you used actually causes cancer on you and even within your family?

Don’t believe it? How about this? Here another article talks about the same thing.

Coronavirus COVID-19 is dangerous, but cancer is even worse. It will slowly get into you and your love ones, but there are no UN-DO buttons…

Here is one of your option, our hand soap are handmade (NOT HOMEMADE) from the best environment, at the TOP of the Santa Cruz Mountain. We use Natural Underground Pure Springs Water from Santa Cruz Mountain (Zero pollutions). Handmade in the lab, All Natural Luxury. Most importantly, Eco-Friendly, No Animal Testing, No Pesticides, No Preservatives, No Petroleum Byproducts, No colors or additive.

The Dragon is HERE!

The Dragon is HERE!

Check out this New 3D Dragon Head Natural handmade soap! Best Gift for your Loved One or Treat yourself with one. Drop us a note if you are interested and would like to own one for just $30.

Buy it from here:

NEW 3D Natural Handmade Soap made from Natural Santa Cruz mountain Springs water, and with natural oils.

Ingredients: Santa Cruz Natural Springs Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Honey, Natural Shea Butter, Canola Oil, Pure Food Grade sodium hydroxide, Essential Oil

Soap bar size: Length: 10cm  x  Width: 7cm  x  Height: 6cm

Best Gift to Your friend and Love One!

Have a Simple Better Natural Life.

3D Handmade Heart Soap

3D Handmade Heart Soap

Natural handmade soap made from the Santa Cruz mountain. Great gift for your love one and to Yourself! For your mom and her!

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Essential Oil Natural Diffuser Earrings – Ren Geisick – Supermodel

Essential Oil Natural Diffuser Earrings – Ren Geisick – Supermodel

Check out this Fabulous natural handmade redwood essential oils diffuser earrings on @ren4eva on Instagram!

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Thanks Ren Geisick the vocalist for being our Supermodel 🙂 Checkout Ren’s songs on YouTube here.

About Ren: Bay Area-based vocalist Ren Geisick sings with radiant energy and a passion for storytelling. Deeply influenced by Americana and jazz, her music borrows elements of both while remaining distinctly personal. With the release of her latest album, Ren, Love Song, she continues to seamlessly traverse the boundaries of genre while intimately delivering a story to each listener.

Natural Handmade Redwood Candle Holder made from Santa Cruz Mountain

Natural Handmade Redwood Candle Holder made from Santa Cruz Mountain

Happy holiday! Checkout our New natural handmade candle holder made from santa cruz mountain redwood trees. Best holiday gifts for yourselves and your family.

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We proudly believe in sustainable living organic nature provides permaculture.